The importance of Maintaining a Correct Posture


As we all know, first impression are often lasting, and first impressions do take in everything – you shape, how you stand and walk, you hair, your make-up and clothes, even the way you deliver your speech and the way you use your hands to point at something. Actually, you can make your shape a lot more times better than it is if you stand, sit, and walk gracefully and properly. Correct posture is also a real help when it comes to slimming down and staying slim. And how bad is bad posture? It really is let me tell you.


Posture refers to all the body position you assume in performing everyday activities. At present, your posture may either be good or bad. If you managed to develop a good one beyond considerations of beauty, you are well ahead of the others. But if you still have vague ideas about the value of good posture, this article can prove quite a revelation.


Good posture, which is the graceful presentation of your form, ought to be one of the fundamental aspects of your personality development program. Good posture creates a favorable impression, while a drooping, lax posture gives one the impression of sluggishness and poor muscle tone.


Your posture affects your look. It makes you look impressive because it proclaims to other people your feeling of poise, control, and self-confidence. But you must work towards attaining good posture.


Bad posture throws strains and stresses to your muscles and body structures. It directly affects your general health and well-being by causing unnecessary appearance of the figure by distorting normal shape, thickening the waistline, hollowing the chest, rounding or permanently deforming the shoulders and curving the spines. In short, good posture is very essential for your appearance, health, self-image, and the impression others will have of you.


Take a close look at yourself using a mirror and face the truth. This is what you should be able to see: head high, with chin parallel to the floor, relaxed shoulders, tummy tucked in with the midriff lifted upon into the rib cage, derriere in and under, front foot should be pointing forward, and the back foot should have an angle of 45 degrees behind it.


So now, you can say that your body is in perfect line when the tip of your ear, shoulder joint and hip joint, middle of kneecap and ankle of the foot are in one straight line. The back should be straight. You can check this by standing against a wall with your head, shoulders, heels, and the back of your knees against the wall. Then, align your spine against the wall. Now try to push your hands between the wall and your back where it normally curves in. it should be a tight squeeze.


Only a few days of conscious effort and you will have your own good habits of having a good posture. Then you will find it is just as uncomfortable to do the wrong things as it was previously uncomfortable to do the right things. You will also see how much better you feel – and how much you look better.